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New York Rangers Trade Deadline 2021


The Rangers pretty much sat out the festivities of this year’s trade deadline. When’s the last time that happened?

The EHE trade deadline has come and gone, and the New York Rangers remained quiet in terms of transactions. General Manager Martin Auzins spoke with the media following the deadline, and talked about how the team has a plan in place, 
and how nothing they were involved with made sense for the short or long term for the organization.

Martin Auzins: “We made a number of calls, took a number of calls, went through a number of scenarios, and it’s clear we have a plan in place. Not much that came along was going to add to what we wanted to do and was something we felt was going to help us, short term or long term. Only two deals we made was with the idea of getting a prospect for a pick that we liked and exchange two roster players in the process which I think we did nicely. Nyquist is a different player than Silfverberg and we wanted someone who can skate a bit better and bring more speed to our lineup and he has done that nicely while playing with Patrick Kane and Blake Wheeler on our top line.”

As of today the Rangers are 40-27-9 with 89 points in 76 games played which is good for second in the Metropolitan Division. They have a goal differential of +12 and trail the Philadephia Flyers who have 99 points in 77 games played.

Auzins said: "Our group has faced struggles together this year and we want to see if they can triumph together. In the offseason I spoke about how we need to learn to win together and for the most part our leaders have stayed together this year as has the most of the roster for the first time in a long time. Leading into trade deadline our team had a really tough stretch and we were debating breaking it all up as we don't have the results that this group should have and it was frustrating. In the end we kept the promise and will see this through."


Auzins: "When we traded Silfverberg, we had one target in mind and it was Adam Beckman. WHL's player of the year last season and we wanted that prime forward prospect as we already have deep pipeline of blueline prospects."

Speaking of defense prospects, Auzins also said that he expects Artyom Zub will join the Rangers for the 2021-22 season, and they are excited about how he’s played and where he can fit in with the team’s mix.

Overall, it makes some sense that the Rangers were quiet at the deadline. While there were likely opportunities to make some deals, it appears the Rangers are a team who will be very active in the offseason. 

Work is not done yet - with 6 games to go Rangers are still in the mix for a playoff spot and with 8 wins in last 10 games they are on a roll. 

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Patrick Kane has become the first Ranger to get 200 points with the franchise in EHE.

Thomas Gidlow

Putting us to shame with these awesome graphics man. Great job as usual!

New York Rangers Trade Deadline 2021
New York Rangers stick to plan and make only two trades at deadline

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Harald Geissler

is kane really the first???? to reach 200 p wow

New York Rangers Trade Deadline 2021
New York Rangers stick to plan and make only two trades at deadline

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