VIDEO: 2022 EHE Draft Lottery


Following the Buffalo Sabres huge double-overtime victory over the Boston Bruins to stay alive in their Lemieux Conference semifinal series, the Elite Hockey Experience held its annual draft lottery to determine who will hold the top selections in this year's EHE Entry Draft. The Montréal Canadiens, who are hosting next month's draft, held the best odds of winning the first-overall selection for the third straight season. However, in the past two lotteries held, the Canadiens not only failed to draw the first-overall draft choice but failed to win any of the draws entirely.

New rules were implemented this season that there would only be draws to potentially decide the top two picks in this year's draft, lowered from three. Additionally, teams are only permitted to move up a maximum of 10 draft positions as a result of the lottery. Last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who had the fourth-best odds at only 1.5%, came out the winner of the first-overall pick.

General managers and fans are able to view a tape-delayed broadcast of the event on YouTube.

Three winning numbers were selected at random out of 1,000 possible outcomes. A list was provided by the league on July 1 with the team assignments to each potentially winning number.

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VIDEO: 2022 EHE Draft Lottery
Will Montréal hold first overall as the Draft host city?

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