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Tatar, Kahun and De Haan traded


A lot of action in the past three days in the Jets organization, with two trades. Here are the details:

To Ottawa:

Tomas Tatar

To Winnipeg:

Jonathan Drouin
Mikhail Abramov
2021 DP - Round 5 (VGK)

Reasonning: With already no chance to compete for a playoff spot in the hard central division and a really bad start of season, we've decided that we should probably maximized the value of players with two years left on their contract. It was clear in our head that we won't used a franchise tag on Tatar next year, so why not trade him for a good return. Drouin, the key piece in this trade for us, is a player that will probably be better rated next season and will be RFA after his contract, a huge plus over Tatar. We also think that Drouin as some more potential to reach. We also get a prospect we like in Abramov, and a 5th pick is always good to have.

To Florida:

Calvin de Haan
Dominik Kahun

To Winnipeg:

Simon Holmstrom
Robert Bortuzzo
2021 DP - Round 2 (FLA)
2021 DP - Round 6 (FLA)
2022 DP - Round 4 (FLA)

Reasonning: There were a lot of interest in the league for Calvin De Haan so i've decided to put him on the block and see what I could get for him. Same things for Kahun, a very versatile player. Florida approched me with a good first offer, and after some talks we comed to a good deal for both sides. We really like the return here. Holmstrom, a former 2019 nhl draft first round pick by the Islanders, was a guy i was looking for in 2019 EHE draft. We really like his speed and his two way game. A 2nd pick and two late picks are always good to have in the bank. For Botuzzo, he will probably be traded this year or next year to maximized his value.

What's next for the Jets now? There will probably have some more trades, but we are not looking to a complete rebuild as we have a good foundation of star players and procpects, we just need to be a bit patient.