Viktor Lodin
Position:   Center
HF Score:  

Player Notes

No notes available.

Realistic Potential Rating (1-10)
10Generational Talent
9Elite Talent
8First-Line Forward / No. 2 Defenseman / No. 1 Goaltender
7Second-Line Forward / Second-Pair Defenseman / Journeyman No. 1 Goaltender
6Third-Line Forward / Third-Pair Defenseman / Backup Goaltender
5Fourth-Line Forward / No. 7 Defenseman / Depth Goaltender
4Top Minor League Talent
3Average Minor League Talent
2Minor League Role Player
1Borderline Minor League Player
  Realistic Probability Rating (A-F)
AAll but guaranteed to reach potential
BShould reach potential, could drop 1 rating
CMay reach potential, could drop 2 ratings
DUnlikely to reach potential, could drop 3 ratings
FA player possessing little potential

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