Flames make minor move


With the deadline fast approaching, GM Stephen made a minor move to bolster the Calgary Wranglers who are in the midst of a battle for the playoffs.

The deal was Henry Bowlby and 2024 3rd (DAL) to Chicago for Cole Schwindt and 150k. Bowlby was not seeing the ice this year so getting 150k was a nice return for the player who was signed in Free Agency. Even though the Flames moved another pick they are still getting a young player who will be well ahead of the development curve of any player that would have drafted in 2024.

So who is Cole Schwindt? Cole, born in Kitchener Ontario, is a 6ft 2 right-shot center who can also play wing.

Cole is a mature versatile forward who can play in all 3 zones, never cheats on the ice, tracks well on the ice, and never cuts corners. These are the traits that GM Stephen appreciates and focused on when reaching out to the Chicago Blackhawks and GM Adam. Conversations were ongoing for a while but the Flames are happy to finally close a deal to bring Schwindt to Calgary.

Welcome to Calgary Cole.