Who is Jonathan Toews?


Mired in some inconsistent play as of late by the Flames, let's take a look back. 

Back on March 31, GM Steve took a gamble and made a deal that seemed to fly under the radar that has made a difference with the team. 

A deal was struck with the New York Rangers which saw their captain Jonathan Toews and cash sent to Calgary for prospect Simon Lundmark and forward Sammy Blais. Since his arrival in Calgary, Toews has put up 27 points in 27 games (6 goals and 21 assists) while playing an average of just over 17 minutes a game, while bringing some added leadership to the team. 

So who is this Captain Serious as he has been referred to? Toews was born in the St. Boniface Winnipeg area. At the age of 3 when his father put on his skates, Toews showed he had a bright future. His father built a rink for Jonathan and his brother and the 3 would skate regularly. It wasn’t long before Jonathan showed he had the potential to become a hockey wizard. Toews went on to play for the University of North Dakota where he amassed 85 points in 76 and took the team to the Frozen 4 in 2006 and 2007. His dedication to his craft has allowed him to become a member of the Triple Gold Club having won at the World Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal, and the Stanley Club. 

Of all his accomplishments the one that stands out for this writer is the 2007 Semi-Finals of the World Junior Tournament where Toews scored 3 times in the shoot-out to send Canada onto the next round.

Personally, I think his nickname should be Captain Clutch, however, if you asked Toews he would say “J-Bone” huh. Ummm Ok, if you help the Flames make the playoffs the Fans will call you whatever you want.