Sour Tunes.


To say the Blues organization is disappointed about their professional teams seasons this year would be an understatment.  Not only were the Blues not a competitive franchise but a highly skilled, highly motived Komets team bowed out in the first round of the playoffs.   Going into the season there was not doubt the Blues would have to over achieve in order to even have a wild card shot, they started out hot but came back down to earth after their first 20 games.  They ended up in the standings a little bit lower than what was ultimately expected, but it is what has been par for the course over the last 5 seasons.  That issue falls squarely on my own shoulders and I have to be better moving forward or else we can just copy and paste this story at the end of every season.

Low Lights on the Blues Season:

- Failed to have any player hit 60 pts

- Goaltending was sub par, a combined .902 SV% and a 3.11 GAA.  Needs to be better.

- An incompetent GM who over values his players?

High Lights

- Two 25 goal scorers, both will be back next season

- Younger players progressed nicely and should come to camp and give us a boost.  Bunting, Lafreniere, Roslovic

We thought the Komets at least would sit at the top or near the top of the conference and be seen as a Calder Cup contender with the team that was built down in Fort Wayne.   Instead they found themselves barely hanging on to a playoff spot, and got bounced quickly in the AHL playoffs.  I am not one to put blame on any one square element of the team, but it was obvious that the goaltending tandem of Sawchenko and Ingham were not up to snuff and once again that falls on me for not bringing in an upgrade.

Low Lights on the season:

- We will start with what was already mentioned, Fort Wayne's goaltending issues.  The tandem had a combined .903 SV% which is well below average and will need to be adressed for the upcoming season.

- Lack of scoring from forwards, no one hit 60 points.

- A few players that progressed that should challenge for NHL jobs next season - Seider, Peeke, Pitlick, Aube Kubel


All in all it was as close to a disastorous season as it could have been for any professional organization, but as we say at the end of every season...The future looks bright! Next up is the draft which is one thing that may look promising!