Flyers are Metropolitans Champions 2021


Well … what a season!!

The Philadelphia Flyers were crowned Metropolitan Champions.

This is a great result for the Flyers fans. They expected a long and slow rebuild when GM Tommy Barr took the helm and laid out his rebuild intentions early with the trade of fan-favourite Gabriel Landeskog. So … to turn the team from bottom feeding mess into Metropolitan champions in only two full seasons is credit to the hard work and shrewd trading.

It all started in the off-season with the big trade to acquire Mika Zibanejad.

Huge price to pay at the time but the team had acquired significant depth in the prospect ranks and realised that there was an opportunity in a weakened Metro division. 

The team started the season slowly going 2-5 through the first 7, however, chemistry started the build and wins started the flow. The team’s ability to not go more than 2 games without a win was telling in final standings.

GM Barr was happy to let the team run through the season and made a few minor deals to supplement certain areas such as the PK and farm depth. That all changed when word got out that Sean Couturier may be available. The allure to bring in another #1 C with strong defensive ability was too strong to pass up and made a move acquiring Couturier from new Capitals GM Travis.

The team continued to roll along whilst the other Metro challengers started to falter. 

Trade deadline was expected to be a quiet process this year with all the teams big moves being made but GM Barr recognised that this was the time to let the shackles loose and go all-in. In the space of a few hours the team made 5 trades sending off expensive contracts and futures for immediate help.

GM Barr recognises that he spent a lot to go for it this season but notes that there is still a strong young core with Necas, Bratt, Strome, Sergachev and Sanheim and a number of quality futures coming through in Byram, Hughes and Zegras so wants to let the fans know we’re here to stay!

Let’s go Flyers!!

The team kicks off it’s Stanley Cup campaign on Tuesday 15 June with Game 1 against Tampa Bay Lightning at the Wells Fargo Arena.




Mika took the team by scruff of its neck throughout the course of the season and led by example – dominating in all facets of the game.

Leading the team in goals (56), assists (60) and +/- (22) whilst dominating at PP (more than double the points of next Flyer) and short-handed. 

League wide MVP candidate for sure!

The team made a 31-point gain on the previous season (2019-20: 75 points)

Dropped from #1 in the Future Watch Standings to #8.

Max Kurtz

Heck of a job Tommy.

Flyers are Metropolitans Champions 2021
Team goes from bottom dweller to Metro champ!

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Thomas Gidlow

Hell of a turnaround Tommy. Well done and nice review!

Flyers are Metropolitans Champions 2021
Team goes from bottom dweller to Metro champ!

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