Glass Half Or Half Empty


            To the outside spectator, the Canadiens at the 25 game mark look pretty much identical to the team last season. The team is dead last at 7-15-3. While the club have lost 2 less games than last season a this point, they have slowly made progress. Marchessault has 13 goals so far and is on pace for 30 if he continues. Nesterov was their top scoring d-man with 25 PTS; Chariot has 13 PTS thus far. Kirby Dach scored 34 PTS last season; he has15 PTS up to this point. Merzlikins won 13 games and posted a 3.50 GAA; compare that to this season where he has won 6 games out of 14 and 2.71 GAA. Finally, the team GF/GA difference was -141 [170 GF - 311 GA]. Thus far the team is a -16 [68 GF - 84 GA] after 25 games. The team have been in more one goal games compared to last season. While most of the games were losses, the Canadiens have become a tougher out thanks to the slight improvements made to the roster.

            There have been a couple of disappoinments thus far. A PP which was worst than last season at 11%. They have the horses up front but lack a QB on the back end still until Drysdale develops. Holtby has stumbled the first 25 games and the team have relied on Hutchinson to carry the mail. While goaltending is better than last season, if Holtby wins half of his losses the Canadiens are 10-12-3 and are closer to the playoff race.

             By the time the 50 game mark passes the roster will look different. Players like Anisimov, Carrick,Clifford, Eakin, and Perry will either be traded or let go by season's end. Multiple teams have inquired about Schwartz but don't expect him to move until closer to the deadline day, if at all. Schwartz is 29 and has a lot of value for this team. The Canadiens are fine signing him to a new deal if the offers don't tickle GM Forget's fancy. Turris is another player that the Canadiens may resign. His prformance this season has been solid but if an offer comes at deadline day, the Canadiens would have to weigh their options. Anisimov is the player now the Canadiens would like to move. With another year at 3.2 million, his contract is cap friendly and would provide depth at center for a playoff team. 

            It is highly unlikely the team will match the club's worst season of 11 wins given they have won 7 already. If the defence can chip in some more and Holtby can find his game 20 wins is a possibility with 50 plus games to go. Until then, the Canadiens see this team as a team with a glass half full. Progress is being made in Montreal if those on the outside don't see it yet.

Kevin Lacy

Nice article, Greg. It sucks that you're still suffering from Andre DeBlois' stupidity.

Glass Half Or Half Empty
Canadiens Feel Progress Is Being Made

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Greg Forget On the bright side, my goalis are not retiring this season. I think 20 wins is possible. Make a couple of moves at the deadline for picks and we will go from there.
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