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Kevin Lacy

Coach ratings are nearly complete, though I'll be at Sharks/Barracuda games the next two nights. I'll do what I can to get everything set up before the weekend but you can definitely expect coach free agency to begin on Saturday.

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Jared Mitchell Have fun at the games! The Barracuda should crush the Rampage.

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Kevin Lacy New coach ratings have been up for a couple hours. Just working on the coach FA vid right now.

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Kevin Lacy For anyone who won the option to re-sign their NHL head coach, please indicate whether you are doing so or searching the open market.

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Harald Geissler funny most coaches go to fa i did not expect in my case good work as usual still proud to be here in ehe kevin

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Stephen Gough How ironic that on our FA day for coaches Kevin Stevens is let go and Dejardin is hired in LA

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Kevin Lacy It was perfect timing! Desjardins had actually been deactivated last week so I seemlessly got him back onto the list. Thanks to Eric for updating me on that situation this morning!

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