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Kevin Lacy

I gotta say that I'm really enjoying my series with the Rangers right now! It's like a true chess game between Martins and I and I love it. I lose Game 1, made lineup changes. Rangers lose Game 2, made lineup changes. Saw the same thing with Shaun last year with the Wolves. Don't always have to make changes after a loss but I appreciate that we've reached the point in the playoffs where GMs are out here scrutinizing every aspect of their team to try and change things up and win a series. It's great stuff!

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Shaun Stephens Is that not the poiint though...when you play them 7 games have to try and tweak to shut guys down and get guys free

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Kevin Lacy Exactly! Don't just sit on the same lineup for 82 games plus playoffs and then wonder why it didn't work.

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Martins Auzins Works for one game, sucks for another! Gotta want it!

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Shaun Stephens Well for my NHL it sucks for all 82

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