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Blackhawks Prospects

Name Position HF Score EHE Draft Year
Connor Hurley Center 2015
David Farrance Defense 2017
Isaac Ratcliffe Left Wing 2017
Jack Dugan Left Wing 2017
Kevin Spinozzi
Ty Lewis Left Wing 2018
  Realistic Potential Rating (1-10)
10Generational Talent
9Elite Talent
8First-Line Forward / No. 2 Defenseman / No. 1 Goaltender
7Second-Line Forward / Second-Pair Defenseman / Journeyman No. 1 Goaltender
6Third-Line Forward / Third-Pair Defenseman / Backup Goaltender
5Fourth-Line Forward / No. 7 Defenseman / Depth Goaltender
4Top Minor League Talent
3Average Minor League Talent
2Minor League Role Player
1Borderline Minor League Player

Realistic Probability Rating (A-F)
AAll but guaranteed to reach potential
BShould reach potential, could drop 1 rating
CMay reach potential, could drop 2 ratings
DUnlikely to reach potential, could drop 3 ratings
FA player possessing little potential

Full details of the grading chart are available at HockeysFuture.com