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Boston, MA -  With  the EHE NHL Trade Deadline fast approaching, who is likely to be dealt and what kind of return can we expect for the Bruins role players and UFAs?

Boston's GM Adam O'Blenes has some work to do in the coming few days in finding new homes for some players that are impending free agents and others that could help playoffs teams or bubble teams get over the hump and grab that spot they're chasing.

"Listen guys, it's no secret that we have several players that are available.  Our season hasn't gone as planned, and we have some optimism with new head coach Mike Yeo, but in trying to position this organization better, we have fielded calls on several players that we have made no bones about it are available.  We have even posted a trade block in the leagues forum board.  All GMs have access to the board, so they have all been able to view it.  Several GMs have done their due diligence and asked what the values are for a return and others have gone so far as to discuss potential trades.  We've even had several discussions about other players that aren't listed on that trade block.  Some positive talks that are intriguing but not close enough to make us pull the trigger."

When asked who teams were calling about that was not on the list, O'Blenes wouldn't say, but speculation would be one of their key defenders as they have a strength on defense and have some prospects that can step in next year and play bottom pair minutes with the depth they have their already.

"We're focused on seeing what we can do for some of our role players and giving them a chance to compete in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with another team.  Maybe teams are waiting for deadline day, but we're surprised that many of the bubble or playoff teams haven't so much as said Hey, what's going on with such and such and why don't we discuss what it will take to get him on my team to help us out.  I don't have a problem in saying there are rosters out there that could use some of the help that is out there and we have several players that can fit those needs.  We are looking to get prospects or draft picks to help us stock the cupboards and get some potential in the next 3-5 years."

Will the suitors finally figure out they have a shot to win.  We saw a Detroit team last year use several depth players to help them win the EHE Stanley Cup.  There are always players like an Andrew Cogliano, Trevor Lewis, Derek Ryan or Trevor Daley stand out in the playoffs.  You need that depth when you're playing great teams in a 7 game series.  And we aren't even talking about a guy like Nino Niederreiter yet either.  There's a top 6 winger that can help a team at both ends of the rink.  That kind of player is invaluable in the playoffs.

There have been some minor deals throughout the EHE NHL in this week leading up to the deadline and perhaps it's all going to boom at once.  Or, maybe it will be a bust this season and there will be a let down with few trades. 

Time will tell with just over 3 days left.  Who will stay and who will go.