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Nail in the Coffin for Blues


One more game, in three days there is just one more game.  The game means virtually nothing to the city nor the fans, and to add insult to injury it is against the Presidents Trophy winning Colorado Avalanche.  While it may mean nothing to almost everyone, there are 20 guys in the locker room and a few guys upstairs who will not go out lightly.   There will be 20 players on the ice that are fighting for spots next year, fighting to show their worth in the UFA market, fighting for their pride that has been beat down and bruised all year long.  One more nail to be put in to the coffin in order to lay this dreadful season to rest. 

We thought we put together a team that could compete night in and night out that would be pushing for a playoff spot this year but it appears we were sadly mistaken.  The Blues have the tools, but could not find the timely goal or timely save that was needed in the big moments of hockey games. They are second last in goal scoring, and third last in goals against which is a great reason why they are third last in the league.  Their PP is last in the league in what I am sure is a league record low of 9.6%.   That is followed up by what I am sure is anothe league record of a brutal PK% of 77.6  To add another nail to the coffin they dealt there first round pick in the off season to Vegas so no chance at Dahlin, Svechnikov, Zadina...salt in a massive wound.

As far as the offseason goes it is quite clear what we need in order to inprove this club and we will have the funds to help it improve immediatly.  We have also built up a solid prospect core which will hopefully lead to succes in the near future.  Future Watch has rated the Blues 8th in the prospect pool which I think is probably fair.  We are not 1000 percent sure how Mr. Waite is still married at the moment but he can sure write up a solid article Mr. Stephens was quoted earlier in the day.

The Blues management will now focus on helping the Wolves make another deep run in the AHL playoffs, as they clinched a spot after last night's 2-0 victory.  There are most certainly a few players down there that will get long looks at the next level going in to next season, so a long run would benefit the players greatly!


Thanks to the fans for still supporting the Blues Organization through these miserable times.  We promise we will mend the wounds and make next year far more enjoyable for you!

Kevin Lacy

I was surprised to see that the Checkers went 4-3-1 in the regular season against the Wolves because I've felt like you've handled them all season. You are NOT who I want to play in round 1.

Nail in the Coffin for Blues
We have been waiting for this season to end!

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Kevin Lacy I believe you're correct. Maybe I should avenge that as the only loss my Checkers have ever had!
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