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Preds' slam Blackhawks to Extinction




#ICEAGE is the hashtag trending on twitter amongst Preds' fans now, as they've adopted that as their slogan for this years playoffs. 

As the dying seconds dwindled down in the 3rd period of Game 5, Pekka Rinne continued to stand his ground and was able to shut down the Blackhawks last onslaught of shots late in the 3rd period. The Blackhawks peppered the Predators with 48 shots in the game, but it was not enough, as Nashville survived Chicagos last efforts and solidified a 5-4 victory, en route to clinching the series, and winning their first ever playoff series in Predators history.


The Predators have only made the playoffs once before, in 2017, but found themselves defeated by the Wild in 5 games in the opening round. Tonight, the game 5 series clinching win was in their favour. All thanks to superstar and captain - Sidney Crosby. Crosby was too much for the Blackhawks to handle, as he scorched Chicago with 7 goals and 6 assists for 13 points in 5 games.


"I wouldn't of believed you that we would've gotten out of round one in 5 games, but our captain certaintly had other plans. What a performance by our captain Sidney Crosby, he was a man amongst boys out there all series." coach Mike Sullivan said as the team celebrated their series win on the ice, "Crosby truly is the heart and soul of this team and you know he really wants to take this team deep into the playoffs, his performance has been nothing short of incredible so far!"


"This series win feels great right now, but we know there is a lot of work ahead of us still, there are still a lot of great and tough teams in the playoffs." Crosby said. "I've been here since day 1, and have been the captain of this team for 5 years now, I want to see our team and this city succeed, so we're all going to work our butts off for as long as we can to try and bring success here." Crosby stated.


It's no doubt that the city and Nashville and GM Eric Wolf are pumped that they have won their first ever playoff series after 5 years in the EHE, but they know they still have a lot of work ahead of them, and that this bit of success may or may not be the dawn of a new Ice Age.....


Stay tuned..




Thomas Gidlow

Better team won the series, no doubt. Congrats to the Preds on sending us packing. Take it all the way sir.

Preds' slam Blackhawks to Extinction
Predators clinch first playoff series win in history!

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Eric Wolf Thanks Thomas! *handshake*
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