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Dallas Stars extend an offer sheet to Jake Guentzel


The Dallas Stars entered the offseason fresh off their Stanley Cup defeat and set their eyes on the biggest prizes of the Free Agent market when they let it be known to anyone listening that they would be players in the Restricted Free Agency offer sheet portion of the offseason.

GM Bacon considered many options, leading executives around the league wondering how to best protect their assets. It is rumored one GM spent hours on a spreadsheet solely about the Dallas Stars organization. Other GMs may or may not have upped their offers to their own restricted free agents. It is known that Bacon had eyes for the guy who claims "losers wear green" early in the offseason, but evidently the target changed before offers were due. Bacon flirted with about 8 different names before narrowing the list to 3 potential targets and eventually settling on speaking to Jake Guentzel of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jake sat down with Bacon and while he had nothing but positive things to say about the Maple Leafs oganization, you could just see the gleam in his eyes when he spoke of the possibility of playing on the Stars with the like of Ovechkin, Monahan, Pastrnak, Atkinson, Backstrom, Burns, Josi and others. Bacon was able to convince Guentzel to sign an offer sheet of 3 years totaling 34.6 million dollars including base salary and signing bonus.

Commissioner Lacy then brought the signed offer sheet to the Maple Leafs GM Joe Bubanj. Bubanj was very respectful through the process but after making a trade with the Evil Empire of the New York Rangers which saw Oshie leave Toronto in return for a prospect and a draft pick, Bacon knew the writing was on the wall for Toronto to match the offer. The Stars organization was advised early Sunday evening that the Leafs had indeed matched the offer to Jake Guentzel.

Bacon would like to wish Guentzel and the Toronto organization the best of luck this year, especially when they have to travel to that horrible city of Miami for divisional games. Word of advise to Bubanj, skip those trips, you don't need to spend any time with the GM of that poorly run franchise.

And finally, The Dallas Stars would like to pass on our deepest sympathy to Guentzel as now he knows he will never have the feeling of lifting the Stanley Cup over his head and giving it a big smackaroo ever again.

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Dallas Stars extend an offer sheet to Jake Guentzel
He signed it. Toronto Matched. He won't kiss the Cup ever again.

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