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Islanders Draft Review


The New York Islanders quietly went about their business in Vancouver this weekend at the EHE 2019 draft. GM Tony Chiu was happy to return to him hometown, and with family and friends sitting in the stands, quietly went about his business as usual.

"I mean, it's nice to come home, and it's certainly nice for the league to gather in one place to discuss ideas, but we're here to do a job." No significant transactions were made at the draft by the Islanders, who made their 4 selections and received general good reviews from multiple media outlets covering the draft. 

With the 9th overall pick, the Islanders selected from the USNTDP Winger Matthew Boldy. 

“This selection felt like Dobby (Noah Dobson) last year. He was in that "top tier" of guys, but he was the most well-rounded balanced player and we felt very fortunate to select him into our organization." Questions have been asked about selecting from the juggernaut USNTDP program this year, which produced an unprecedented number of high draft picks. 

"To us, Matt is the real deal. Yes, he played with very good players, but he's a very good player himself. He's got a large sample of work in the USNTDP and we scouted him extensively at the U-18s. We are confident he's not a passenger and he can drive his own line. He can make plays and be the primary puck carrier on his own line, and we all know he can finish. He needs to get quicker and faster, but that will come with some physical maturity. We also project his puck protection down low will translate very well into the pro-game. Other than his skating, all his other skill sets are top 5-10 in the draft. He's a top 5 finisher. He's a top 10 puck carrier. He's a top 5 playmaker. He's the second best puck possession player down low to Kakko. This is like Dobby last year: We got the most well-rounded guy who does everything well and checks all of our boxes, and he happens to be the biggest guy in the tier." 

In the second round at 40th overall, the Islanders selected from the QMJHL Jakub Pelletier.

"This isn't a criticism of anybody, but Jakub's got that fire and nastiness that this organzation needs a bit of. His work ethic is unparalled. His work ethic is translated into his production. Everybody knows he's a smaller guy, but don't tell him that."

In the 3rd round at 71st overall, the Islanders selected defenseman Mikko Kokkonen from Finland.

"I think he dropped a little due to his performance at the U-18, but this is a 17y/o that played against guys twice his age on a regular basis for a year. He needs some physical develpment, but we think he's among the top 10 smartest players in this draft. He's positionally very sounds, makes good decisions, reads the game very well, can move the puck out of his own zone, and was trusted to play 18 minutes a night. We think he can run our 2nd PP unit and be matched up against high level opposition"

With their last pick in the 4th round at 102nd overall, the Islanders went back to the USNTDP and selected defenseman Henry Thrun

"Henry is like Mikko, he's the 'new age NHL defenseman'. He makes an excellent first pass, and we're impressed with his overall hockey sense. We also really liked his results at the NHL combine which showed great athleticism and dedication.”

Exiting the draft, the Islanders still have some work to do to round out their roster for next year. Probable needs include one top 4 NHL defender, a middle 6 winger, and depth at the AHL level.

Cisco Valle

I almost took Pelletier with my 1st pick at 31st but when Brink was still there had to take him though. Nice pick up there. Also back to back drafts of Boldy and Dobson! Nice!

Islanders Draft Review
2 Forwards and 2 Defenseman Selected to Organization

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