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Blues Draft Review


The final Blues pick has been made, time to go through the thought process of the Blues scouting staff based on their picks and misses..


12th Overall – Moritz Seider -D – 6’ 4” 207lbs – Mannheim Eagles

Big rangey defenceman who has a very deceptive and smooth stride.    Gap control was poised as one of the best in this years draft for defenceman and his hockey IQ is off the charts.  His mobile ability for a big man is about as good as you will get.  He is already very defensively sound in his own end, and will look to try and improve on his offensive talents as he gets stronger and more comfortable as a pro.  Having watched him at Redwings rookie camp it would not shock me to see him get a serious look with the big boys but knowing Stevie he will let him play one more year in the DEL and then bring him over to NA.

Notes: My list going into the 12 was Zegras, Cozens, Broberg, Podkolzin, Caulfied….I was shocked that Seider was still on the board at the 12...especially after the extremely impressive camp he just came out of last weekend.   Will now have Bokk and Seider in the upcoming WJC’s.  And I mean he did score 2 more goals then Jack Hughes did at this year’s worlds?




22nd Overall – Lassi Thomson – D – 6’0” 190lbs – Kelowna Rockets

From the defensive factory of Kelowna (although might head home) Thomson is an extremely smooth skating puck moving defenceman.  He is one of the new age defenceman with the one man breakout.  Will need to fill out and work on play in his own zone to make it to the next level but I feel as if I got great value for him at the 22.

Notes:  Was biting my nails here as Heinold, Bjornfot and Harley went bang bang bang right before the 22 rolled around.   Figured I would be able to get some scoring later on in the draft and wanted to go D heavy with my first two picks as D prospects got very thin after this. 



24th Overall – Taro Hirose – W – 5’10” 161lbs – Detroit Redwings

Leading the NCAA in scoring as well as getting 7 pts in your first 10 NHL games is nothing to sneeze at.  Hirose is undersized which seems to be becoming a trend in today’s fast skilled game.  His hockey IQ and his playmaking ability is top notch.  Responsible in all zones, great PP QB on either the halfwall or up top.   The Blues were looking for a much needed scoring punch and we feel that Hirose will bring that to the club sooner rather then later.

Notes:  Had a deal on the plate with a few teams, one including the 41.  Luckily I stuck to my gut and took him even if it may have still been a tad high.  In our slack chat there were a few people that said they were going to be taking him with a pick in the 30’s so luckily I did not move down or I would have lost him and I was dead set on getting him in this years draft.




39th overall – Jamieson Rees – C – 5’11” 170lbs – Sarnia Sting

I feel he went well under the radar with the injury he sustained during the season.  Rees has a top notch motor and top notch speed to go along with his top notch playmaking ability.  Does play a gritty game when needed.   Scouts did not get to see too much of him and when they did get to see him he was still in recovery mode.  Being a Knights season ticket holder I got to watch him play live a few times and the only player that played faster then him was Formenton which is saying a lot.  To me he is the identical twin to Peyton Krebs and he finally got to show his ability once fully healthy at this years U18 tourney.


Notes:  Knew this is who I wanted at the 39 from day 1…Was extremely glad to see him fall to 44 in the NHL draft as it would ensure that the pick could happen.  Although Jacob Pelletier was still on the board here and I used most of my 3 mins tossing and turning between the two. Decided to go with what I knew and have seen. 





50th Overall – Albin Grewe – C/W – 6’0” 187lbs – Djugardens

Well known throughout the Swedish hockey scene for his aggression, high-end competitiveness, and strength Grewe puts everyone on the ice at notice.  Very strong on the wall, and in the corners.  Decent skater but will need to improve that in order to be an offensive threat at the next level.  Plays the same style of game as both Tkachuks or Tyler Bertuzzi with less offensive potential but will surprise every now and again with his passing ability one scout said.


Notes:  Left on my list at this point were Grewe, Henriksson, Sellgren, Fagemo…Being a wings fan and watching a bunch of their rookie camp the 3 best players were Zadina, Seider, Grewe so may have gone a bit early but I had no picks left and no one wanted to move up here either so took who I thought would be a solid 3rd line player.




136th Overall – Erik Portillo – G – 6’6” 207lbs – Frolunda

Drafted 5th overall in the USHL draft Portillo will be taking his talents to Dubuque next season and will become a Michigan Wolverine the season after.  This year Portillo had the 3rd best ever SV% in Super Elite J20 ever for goalies who have played over 25 games.  With the goalies that have come through there that is saying a lot.  Big bulky goalie who plays deep in his net because of his size, reads the game very well as seen with the use of his stick play down low.  Has a very calm and composed demeaner.  Will need to work on his rebound control and his “vertical” agility in order to make it to the next level.  But going the US college route he will have ample time to do so. 



All in all I am happy with what I came out with and feel this will help fill some pro slots sooner rather then later.

2019 Prospect Graduates:

Carter Hart, Dylan Wells

Joining the pro ranks this season

Brandon Hagel, Joachim Blichfeld, Andrew Peeke, Dmitri Samorukov

Cisco Valle

Love the Hirose and Grewe picks! But cause I'm a Wings fan lol

Blues Draft Review
News and Notes from Draft Day 2019

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Shaun Stephens I am a wings fan as well so had to go Grewe
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Martins Auzins

Loved how you put videos and stuff in here. This was a very good draft for Blues.

Blues Draft Review
News and Notes from Draft Day 2019

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Thomas Gidlow

Nicely done sir - you get the first "great job" for having your draft review out already. :)

Blues Draft Review
News and Notes from Draft Day 2019

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