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Big Freeze Hits the EHE Schedule


Five NHL games in the Elite Hockey Experience scheduled for Wednesday night have been postponed due to the severe arctic freeze ongoing throughout much of North America:

Washington Capitals at New York Islanders
Dallas Stars at New York Rangers
Colorado Avalanche at Pittsburgh Penguins
Florida Panthers at Detroit Red Wings
Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets

In an early-morning press release, the EHE league office determined that "it would be a public health risk to expect fans to attend the games that would have been played."

The current weather has forced the closure of the majority of public offices and facilities across the midwest, as well as schools and universities, and even the U.S. Postal Service.

It was reported that the Winnipeg Jets, who were to host the Vancouver Canucks, lobbied for their game to remain on the schedule. Their request was denied.

"This is f***ing Canada!" said Chris Irvine, a Jets fan and Winnipeg native. "Minus-20-something degrees? Throw on an extra pair of mittens and show up to the rink! EHE? You just made the list!"

No announcement has been made as to when Wednesday's games will be made up.

On the opposite end, the Carolina Hurricanes, who will play in Anaheim against the Ducks on Wednesday, reportedly requested that their game actually be postponed with the others and released their own statement:

"We have lost every game in the first half of our current six-game road trip in pretty embarrassing fashion. It would be a public health risk to watch either one of our teams play this game."

Their request was also declined and the Hurricanes and Ducks will face off in the league's lone NHL action of the evening.

This is the first postponement of games since 2016 when two preseason games in Florida were canceled due to Hurricane Matthew.

Eric Wolf

What a bunch of babies, -20 degrees is nothing! I used to walk every morning to school in even colder weather! People are getting soft I tell ya!

Big Freeze Hits the EHE Schedule
Winter Is Here

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Ian Gurtowski The FANS were lined up outside the PPG Paints Arena to see JAGR play and the league postponed the game?????? UGH!
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Ian Gurtowski

Chirs Irvine... I understood that reference :)

Big Freeze Hits the EHE Schedule
Winter Is Here

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Thomas Gidlow Looks like Martin just made....the LIST! :P
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Harald Geissler

austria in some regions about 4 meters snow since 2 weeks around minus 15 nights days minus 5 about 30 closed streets i love winter

Big Freeze Hits the EHE Schedule
Winter Is Here

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